Maybe the so called dinosaurs (desktop vendors) of the industry aren’t so long in the tooth after all…

In a captivating evening at the UK Software satisfaction awards last night the story was dramatically different from that of 12 months earlier as the roll of honour swung heavily in favour of the on-premise software vendors.

There was a deluge of awards for the on-premise vendors where the Access Group scooped three awards, Relate Software scooped two awards, Version 1 won the Enterprise paperless office award, Dracir the SME paperless office award, Professional Personal Audit Systems won the Enterprise payroll award, Achora Software Products won the Tax award, PHOCAS won the Business Intelligence award, Oracle won the CRM award, iCIMS won the Enterprise HCM award, and Sage UK scooped the Small Business Payroll award.

In contrast the online vendors only managed to capture one award when Freeagent picked up the SME Accounts award.

The airwaves have been spookily quiet from the cloud fraternity this morning. Maybe their prediction last year that the desktop was dead and it was cloud or nothing was just a wee bit premature. It would appear that those who ultimately decide, consumers, are telling a different story.

Just to add some balance, I do actually believe the cloud will change our industry forever, but I’ve not yet met anyone who can predict what the pace of change will be. Of course, you’d expect on-line vendors to tell you this will be sooner rather than later as it helps drive their marketing and sales figures, whereas the on-premise vendors tend to be more pragmatic.

Finally, a big well done to all of the winners and the runners up, the support that these awards get can only be a good thing for our industry.

Note *** results based on garbled twitter feed… I will update where necessary when confirmed results are published.

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