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My life with cars – revisited

Eight years ago, I had a lot of fun writing a series of posts about the cars I’ve owned going back to when I started driving in 1976. I started writing the original posts to create a chronology of the cars I’d owned through the years. However, as I was writing I found myself reminiscing and sharing some of the fond memories surrounding car ownership and life in general. I’d love to think my kids read this story in 50 years time when cars, if we still have them, are made of plastic and powered by some other wonder fuel.

Sitting at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, I thought it might be nice to revisit the original “My life with cars” story and add three new posts to bring the story up to date.

The story is comprised of ten posts in total which can be found here:

  1. Where it all began
  2. The Sweeny and every boys dream
  3. You can steal one of those with a lollipop stick
  4. One of my best, one of my worst, and a poltergeist
  5. Snotty salesmen, regrets, and the monster
  6. A story of love at first sight
  7. Two Jags and the seductress
  8. Farewell Jags and hello again old friend
  9. Purple flares and white platform shoes
  10. An itch that wouldn’t go away and why you shouldn’t fight kismet

Thanks for reading.

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