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My POV on the NHS Contact Tracing App

“If by using it I could save just one life, and help the economy and society get back on the road to recovery, then I’d want to be at the front of the queue when it is launched”

Contact Tracing is a proven solution around the world and we’re not exactly overflowing with any better ideas right now.

However, I notice some people have concerns over data security, and as with any other sensitive information system, I would expect the team working on the app to technically assure data security prior to launch.

More of a concern, is some seem to be dismissing the app outright on the grounds of ‘invasion of privacy’ and others simply on the basis they ‘dislike the people involved in commissioning it’.

Information Security and Ethics around invasion of privacy is a very important topic, and one that most digital tech vendors take very seriously. I would expect that this app is deployed and used ethically and so far I’m not seeing any hard evidence to suggest otherwise.

Also, I’m not sure disliking the people involved in commissioning it is valid decision making criteria. Instead we might be better to validate it against saving lives and the longer term social and economic outcomes!

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