Like many of my generation, Computing and Technology started as a hobby in the 80’s with the purchase of a Commodore 64. After few years of dabbling around trying to write games software with basic and assembly language (learning this was a necessity to use hi-res graphics on the Commodore) I was well and truly hooked. So I made the switch from being a qualified mechanical engineer to a career in the software industry in mid 80’s. Since then I’ve been fortunate to develop a career and work on a range of business applications such as large, medium and small financial systems, manufacturing systems, ecommerce systems, business intelligence, management information and mid market and enterprise ERP systems. With regards platforms I’ve worked with everything from very large corporate mainframe systems to web platforms and shrink wrapped desktop software.

Through the past 30 years I’ve lived through a technology revolution comprising many technology changes, such as the procedural to object-oriented paradigm shift, through the DOS to Windows, and more recently heading towards the Web and the Cloud. I’ve also adapted to the many changes in how software is built, from the more traditional PRINCE and SSADM Waterfall techniques to the modern Agile methodologies that we have today.

I consider myself very fortunate to have spent the past 30 years making a living from my hobby, and probably because it was my hobby, I still have the same passion and energy for computing today as I did when I first took my Commodore 64 out of its box.




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