A 20000 day old wannabe runner!

GNRUnlike the well published ranks of people who joined the January 2015 Dryathalon, I decided to join the ranks of people who decided to get healthier in 2015.

In February this year I will have been on the planet for 20,000 days and I thought it was time to do some preventative maintenance to keep the machine running a few years longer, so I decided I would run.

I used to run a bit 20 or so years ago, my proudest moment being part of a team of four people who ran the 140 mile Coast to Coast from Whitehaven in Cumbria to South Shields in Tyne and Wear. However, having tried to get back into running a number of times over the years I’ve always lost interest and given it up again, possibly because I used to try and push myself to hard too quickly.

So this time I thought I’d try something different. A few weeks ago whilst browsing the web I landed on the www.greatrun.org website and created myself an online training programme.

After the first couple of sessions I wanted to set myself a target so I half seriously thought I’d enter for the Great North Run ballot. Bizarrely, being a native of the North East and having been a runner for many years, I’ve never participated in the Great North Run and yet it’s one of my bucket list items. So you can imagine my delight mixed with a bit of trepidation a few days later when I received an email telling me that my application had been successful.

So, although I’m only 6 sessions into the programme, I’m finding it to be very good and it seems to be working for me. I plan to follow it to the letter, I’m also trying to stick to a healthier diet, and I have to say whilst its very early days I’m feeling better for it.

Only another 122 sessions to go before I can tick another item off my bucket list and hopefully get a little bit healthier along the way.

Oh, and like the majority of the other 47,000 runners, I will be running for a charitable cause. I plan to run in aid of the Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing charity “Young Minds” http://www.youngminds.org.uk/

Wish me luck!