With experience across a broad spectrum of technology functions since 1988, our advisory services are built on a deep understanding of product development, business transformation through technology, and creating highly effective development organisations.

Based in the UK and with experience of helping organisations worldwide we understand how businesses work and we help formulate technology and operational strategies through a hands on approach and a ‘how to win’ mindset.

Stuart is very trustworthy and honorable person who conducts business with the highest ethics.

Chris Poll

Stuart has a deep understanding of user experience and is a true champion for the cause. He has opened doors at the highest levels across Sage to help me forge strategic relationships and put usability on the agenda. I have benefitted enormously from his sponsorship and steer on some of the most significant usability initiatives in the company, starting in the UK and spreading to North America and Europe. Stuart has set me some big challenges and given me the opportunity to succeed. He is a great leader and a pleasure to work for.

Carmel Kammeier