Instant Blogging with WordPress

I’m still very much a novice when it comes to blogging… I started a blog last year using Blogger but I didn’t really get very far… amongst other things the tool itself wasn’t fantastic.

A few weeks back I switched to WordPress… and I have to say I’ve been very impressed, very easy to setup, easy to use, and a host of stats and plugins… and this piece I really like…

Right now I’m sitting on my iPad typing this post as an email, and all I have to do is send it to a secret WordPress email account and it’s posted voilà

I know I could log in through the browser, but another limitation of the iPad is that is doesn’t fully support scroll bars on web pages, so if your message is longer than four or five lines you can’t edit, whereas I can with email.

Haven’t quite worked out how to tag email posts, buy that’s probably because I haven’t looked yet…

Note to self.. Don’t use business email as it adds automatic email footer…

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