Spam, Ham and Yummy Pie…

Like many other sites I receive my fair amount of Spam comments left on my blog…

However, because I use WordPress, I’m protected by the Akismet spam filter, and having a poke around over lunch today I find out there is more to spam than meets the eye, in fact there is spam and ham. The definition goes like this…

Spam most people know as the unwanted commercial comments on their blog, its counterpart we call ham to indicate legitimate comments. On the Akismet mistakes side, missed spam is pretty self-explanatory, but a false positive is what it’s called when we incorrectly identify a legitimate comment as spam. (Which hopefully happens exceedingly rarely.) 

Whilst that is pretty self-explanatory, and they also show you a “yummy pie” which is a pie chart showing the proportion of ham vs. spam.

So there you go, Spammers you’re wasting your time here…. Be off with you!

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