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Newcastle Scale-up Summit – my takeaways      

ScaleupsummitI took the opportunity to attend the Newcastle Scale-up Summit recently and apart from being a fantastic networking event I found it highly informative and energising.

Having worked with hundreds of start-up and scale-up businesses for many years I love hearing the stories of their success, and I’m intrigued to discover what makes some businesses successful whilst others fail.

Here are some of my favorite soundbites:

#1           “Digitally enabled businesses grow 26% faster”

#2           “Don’t take the well-worn path, go where others haven’t been before”

#3           “If it works scale, if it doesn’t kill it”

#4           “Always go for the gap, especially when you’re doing well”

#5           “Focus on what you’re good at”

#6           “Surround yourself with great people”

#7           “3 months to MVP, just get it out there and instantly react to customer feedback”

#8           “Raise your ambition by 100x”

#9           “To pitch successfully, invest in the relationship”

#10         “Hire people who can learn fast and adjust … Hire for Values, Attitude and Skills in that order”

I’ve worked with many winning businesses over the years and I’ve been adapting a model to leverage my knowledge and experience of their success to help other businesses understand how they win and what they need to do (and not do) to give themselves the very best chance of success.

But that’s a topic for another occasion … or a topic for a book, or possibly the USP for my new company.

More coverage here from BDAILY


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