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We have developed an agile and simple consulting model that allows us to work effectively with business clients to rapidly diagnose and resolve business, technology, and operational issues. We propose remedial solutions with clear action plans for short term interventions, and identify longer term interventions for inclusion in strategies and business plans. Our standard approach involves a two to three day assessment after which we will propose potential solutions to business challenges. For larger assignments we will formulate a bespoke plan and agreed approach. We also provide services to oversee and coach our clients to help deliver plans effectively and embed changes to working practices.

Below are examples of some assignments we have successfully undertaken for clients:


Major business transformation with the objective of aligning an increasing cost base with the revenue and profit ambitions of the business, i.e. General and Administration costs were growing faster than revenue which was having a drag effect on margin. An in-depth diagnostic of the companies operating model was undertaken to understand why, and where, costs were growing. An action plan was proposed to stop costs increasing further, and to look at opportunities for short and long term cost recovery. This involved changes to organisational design, operating model, processes and IT systems. Over a two year period General and Administration costs reduced by 20% and the savings were directed to business growth initiatives.


Commissioned by a national tourism organisation to undertake a research project that looked to create a new sales platform for business events and destinations. This evaluated at how emergent technology, such as artificial intelligence, virtual, actual & augmented reality, and gamification could be used to attract business events to the UK from international markets. Working with a team of three associates a comprehensive feasibility study was produced that clearly captured, defined and compared what the project is seeking to achieve against what is actually achievable. Research was undertaken to analyse the global marketplace for existing aligned technology and resources, as well as developing the idea into an achievable project with clearly defined parameters, proposed tech solutions and potential delivery partners.


A rapidly growing energy provider was struggling to accommodate the on-boarding of a significant number of new clients, which was leading to lost business. A diagnostic exercise identified two main issues; the customer onboarding process was too complicated, involving too many different departments, and the home grown CRM system was cumbersome and no longer fit for purpose. An action plan was proposed to simplify on-boarding around optimising customer experience, choose a replacement CRM solution and negotiate a compelling deal on behalf of the client, and recruit an expert partner to implement the solution. Within six months the new CRM system encapsulating the simplified processes had been implemented and the barrier preventing scale had been removed.


A leading digital services company was losing ground against new companies entering the market and as a result, sales pipeline and revenues were declining. We were commissioned by the managing director to conduct a root and branch review of the business. The diagnostic surfaced a number of issues; the operating model had become overly complex; there were issues with accountability; the development methodology wasn’t best suited to growth; and because every client solution was bespoke, productivity was low and costs were high. For example, each client project was built from the ground up using old school processes, rather than creating and leveraging a library of shared components that could be used time and time again to improve quality, cost effectiveness and reducing time to market. An action plan was proposed which involved a new organisational design with simplified accountability model, a new technology strategy, and a move to agile working across all business functions. One year on and the company is once again winning new business and is back in growth.


A rapidly growing scale up business were struggling to keep up with market demand. An initial review revealed that they successfully built and deployed a solution for one customer, then with each new customer win they deployed a bespoke version of the original solution. However, as their install base grew, they quickly found themselves spending more time and valuable resource maintaining what they had already delivered than they did ensuring continued business growth. An action plan was proposed which involved a change of focus towards producing a highly customisable and scalable solution rather than continuation of the bespoke approach. This also required a change to the organisational design and operating model, whereby a Product Owner was introduced to evaluate new customer requirements against predefined criteria to establish if and how they could be included in the core solution and made available to all customers. This is a significant change for the business and whilst the client has embarked on the journey it’s a long term strategy rather than a quick win.

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