Working with People

Having worked with a number of businesses we believe that there are are many reasons why some companies are able to achieve success, whilst others operating with a similar solution in the same industry don’t. However, there is one thing that all successful businesses have in common. They are led by highly talented individuals who possess the ambition, winning mindset, and belief to continually innovate, experiment and ultimately succeed. What’s more they are also very good at developing other talented people who can think and act in the same way.

We believe in supporting businesses and their workforce to help them achieve maximum potential, for themselves and others. Here are some of the ways that we do this:

Working with Education

Our founder Stuart Lynn is a Visiting Professor of Technology at the University of Sunderland where he guest lectures on data science and information security. He also supports the academic dean as chair of the universities Industrial Advisory Board, which aims to bridge the gap between education and industry.

Working with business executives

Providing advice, support and mentoring for senior leaders of corporate/larger clients. For example, recently promoted executives into CTO, CIO and Digital Director roles.

Supporting Business Owners

We support a number of organisations that provide support and mentoring to startup and scale up businesses, for example:

North Tyneside Council

The North Tyneside Council “Aspire” mentoring programme supports startup businesses as they look to grow and succeed.

Natwest Entrepreneurial Accelerator 

Advocate and supporter of the national Natwest Entrepreneurial Accelerator programme.

Newcastle Angel Hub

Particiption in the Newcastle Angel Hub from Innovation SuperNetwork a unique opportunity to guide and invest in North East businesses.

Independent Business Mentoring

Independent mentoring of business owners from a number of growing and scaling North East business.

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