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When the industry is crying out for standards – customer validation

This afternoon, I received a comment to my original blog about reinventing standards from Ronald Duncan of @UK PLC.

I feel that Ronald’s reply builds significantly onto the original blog and therefore deserves a special mention in this new blog as opposed to being hidden in a comment:


BASDA are current in the process of updating BASDA XML. I know it is nice and stable and we have not needed a release for 5 years, but in the same way we were one of the first XML schemas in existence back in 1999, and are still the most widely adopted globally. BASDA Green XML released into pilot this summer and currently in interoperability testing.

Is the first XML format to support Carbon footprints, embedded water, waste and all the other things that need to tracked in a modern world.

BASDA Green XML link

Regarding reinventing the wheel, there are lots of standards out there. My company @UK PLC is one of the largest interoperability hubs in the world with over 1 million users, and the flavours that we see are as follows:-

Mainly BASDA XML with a reasonable amount of cXML
xCBL some messages slowed down after commerce one went bust and stopped when BT turned off their old commerce one server
UBL despite a lot of hype 0 messages so far
GS1 XML less hype but also 0 messages so far

UK Tradacom
and some EDIFACT

Who uses BASDA XML, well basda members

Access Dimensions

I am not going to try and list every single vendor, but it is pretty well every single major finance system vendor.

I do know a couple of non-basda members that we have used basda xml with Forte by Cyberscience and Finest by Software AG.

The other group that have standardised on BASDA XML are the Hub Alliance.

The hub alliance is a global association of order and invoice hubs

The members all have high volumes of transactions and interoperate using BASDA XML.

Many thanks for your comments Ronald.

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