Is it time to throw my iPhone in the bin or does it deserve one more chance?

For years I used a blackberry with great pleasure… but a year or so ago, like many others, I was lured by the iPhone 3GS.

I look back now and have to admit to being caught up in the gadget hype, and the “as someone who works in IT why are you still using that old Blackberry” conversations with friends.

Anyway I persisted with the iPhone and actually came to like it, despite it suffering from connectivity issues (especially in built up areas), being a pretty ordinary phone, having a poor keyboard, costing a fortune to use abroad, having a ridiculously poor battery life and it being white… couldn’t wait for a black one, so I bought a cover at the same time.

Not all bad though… I liked it better than the Blackberry to read email (my eyes aren’t good at very small font… too many years in front of a PC), to read my twitter feed, to use maps for directions, to track my flights and more recently use it as a paperless boarding pass, the catch up on news, to use mobile Skype, and to listen to music and even watch the odd movie whilst on my many travels.

All in all I was managing quite nicely… but then it all went horribly wrong… Apple released iOS4 and my world was shattered (okay maybe that’s overplaying for effect, but maybe not!!)

My email started to freeze, requiring a reboot of the device 4 or 5 times a day, My telephone calls started dropping out, worse still the phone would reboot itself indiscriminately, My contacts started to corrupt, and My Bluetooth stopped working with my car.

I had the chance early on to revert back to iOS3, but didn’t take it… I put my faith in Apple to sort it out… surely millions of other people around the world were suffering the same fate.

Disappointingly, Apple hasn’t sorted it out… I have installed every update since the original 4.0 and flattened the phone a couple of times to clear everything down… and whilst things have gradually improved, I’m still experiencing problems today… worse still they blocked the path back to iOS3.

So I’m waiting eagerly the iOS4.2 release and it either works and Apple redeem themselves… or the iPhone goes in the bin…

Will I choose an iPhone 4 as a replacement… absolutely not, I’ve had it with Apple and this debacle… right now I’m feeling more inclined to defect to Android… any other views?