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What social networking is really good at is creating experts…

Or should I say letting people claim to be experts and share their opinions with the world and his wife whether they know anything about the subject or not.

It’s very easy these days for someone to be very popular amongst an online community without ever having ventured outside “their small dark office” (a line from The Social Network). There are many such individuals out there and you’ve probably met some … you know, the self-proclaimed expert who is ready to offer an opinion on absolutely everything and rubbishes anyone who dares challenge their views.

Let me give you an example, time and time again I come across people out there that research something on the web and then share their views as an expert opinion, is this really an expert opinion?

Whilst you’re thinking about the answer, let me give you another example, look at these two pictures of exactly the same scene… same car, same street, same time:


Okay, some disclosure, I took one of these can you guess which? Now, just because I can take a picture doesn’t make me a photographer… and unfortunately in my case not even a gifted amateur.

The point I’m trying to make is that it takes years of doing something over and over again to develop the skills and knowledge to become an expert and even when you become one there is still more you can learn.

I’ll finish this post with a great quote from @MartijnLinssen … the “know it all” paradox…

What if you had wisdom and truly knew all? To everyone else, that would be just another opinion…

3 replies on “What social networking is really good at is creating experts…”

Great post as ever Stuart. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it’s when those opinions are portrayed as “expert” is the problem. Social networks have given people a disconnected voice that allow them to portray such opinions without the fear of being found out. How many disposable tweets do you have to wade through before you find useful comments?

Spot on and couldn’t agree more I tend to find those people that shout the loudest try to attract anyone that will listen (even shouting with tools like twitter),those who provide insight and considered content will find people coming back for more..

Some very interesting points that clearly ‘hit the spot’.
I’m fascinated by the whole social media scenario in respect of the business environment and keenly interested in how to leverage it in a meaningful way for positive results for the various contributors.
A work in progress…..
Would be good to get together to discuss the proposition I emailed you about the other day…

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