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It’s easier for others the see flaws that you don’t see yourself

So here’s the story, my son Andrew and I had a trip to the driving range on Sunday. We’re hitting a few balls and I’m getting more and more frustrated that I’m hitting it badly and despite tweaking the swing it makes no difference.

Just then Andrew appears from the other booth and says

Dad I’ve been watching you … you’re over swinging and you’re hitting with your left side.

Now at this point I have to mention that Andrew is 12 years old, he’s played only a couple of full rounds of golf, whereas I’ve played for 30 years or so. I know what you’re thinking:

How can this boy of 12 possibly tell someone with 30 years’ experience what they’re doing wrong?

Well at this point I should also mention that Andrew has been having golf lessons every year since he was 8 and despite playing for over half my life, I’ve only had a few lessons. He absolutely understands the fundamentals of the golf swing and although he doesn’t have the power (yet!) he has a lovely fluent golf swing.

Now who do you think is best placed to know the mechanics of the game?

And the morals of this story are… just because you’ve done something for a long time doesn’t necessarily make you and expert … it’s easier for others the see flaws that you don’t see yourself, and if you want to improve be prepared to accept feedback from the most unlikely source.

I can vouch for the fact that this works… I took his advice and he cured my swing … until the next time!!

2 replies on “It’s easier for others the see flaws that you don’t see yourself”

Stuart – I can totally relate to this story especially as it pertains to golf. My son Andrew is now 21, soon to be 22 in June. He hits it a mile off the tee and on long approach shots but his short game is much to be desired. He outdrives me now but I can best him on and around the green.

So I would add to the moral of the story by saying, power without finesse and finesse without power is like experience without knowledge and knowledge without experience, you got to have both but neither guarantees success.


I was just telling my elder son before leaving for Manila & India that I will teach him Golf and play with him.

I got to be careful I guess on what he may comment on my golf. I am like Bill as well, I am good on approach & in the green for putting.

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