Memories from Silverstone with the Marussia Team (Turn up the volume the sound is awesome)

Following on from my “Petrolhead Dream Heaven” post a few days ago I promised to share some of the videos I took from inside the Marussia garage. The first is of the mechanics making some last minute changes to the cars before practice starts:

Not long after here’s Charles Pic leaving the garage (how clean is that floor?)

I think everyone who attended the British GP or watched it on TV will remember just how wet it was and this next clip shows the Marussia following a Sauber around Club corner… it was might slippery

A few laps later and Charles was back into the garage, whereby an army of mechanics armed with paper towels had the car dried off in a flash:

I have to say these videos were taken using and iPhone and are pretty good.

I think if I had rocked up with a full blown camera rig they might not have let me into the garage.


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