Business General Startup's Stuart Lynn

Unbelievably it’s almost two and a half years since I started my own business.

I have to say creating and running my own business has been somewhat different to what I thought it would be. It’s been a very interesting journey, I’ve worked with some great companies, I’ve met some great people, I’ve experienced the unpredictability rollercoaster, but most importantly I’ve continued to learn a lot from those I’ve worked with. 

There’s lots of advice and resources available for business startup’s, but if I had to pass on just a few suggestions to others thinking of starting a company, I’d say:

Speak to an Accountant before you start your company as you need to know how basic things like cashflow work. They can also advise on how to set your company up from a legal and tax efficient perspective.

Check out one of the regional accelerators such as the Natwest Entrepreneurial Hub, you will find people who can help you immensely and this will save you a lot of wasted time and energy.

Buy a ticket to Newcastle Startup Week, this is a fantastic week long festival for business start-ups and business owners to learn from others, meet like minded people, and create high value networks. 

Your website is the first impression that many will experience about your company, so keep it fresh and up to date. Shamefully, mine looked dated, content hadn’t changed since I set up the company, and it was no surprise that traffic numbers were low. It was badly in need of a visual refresh and the content needed to better reflect what we actually do, rather than what I thought we’d do when I started the company. Check out our new site here

Stuart Lynn Consulting. 

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