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We have developed an agile and simple consulting model that allows us to work effectively with business clients to rapidly diagnose and resolve business, technology, and operational issues. We propose remedial solutions with clear action plans for short term interventions, and identify longer term interventions for inclusion in strategies and business plans. Our standard approach involves a two to three day assessment after which we will propose potential solutions to business challenges. For larger assignments we will formulate a bespoke plan and agreed approach. We also provide services to oversee and coach our clients to help deliver plans effectively and embed changes to working practices.

Below are just some examples of the catalogue of commercial, technical and development services we offer to our clients, if you don’t see what you are looking for please get in touch using the form below and we’d be delighted to discuss your specific requirements:

Strategy and Business Planning

Working alongside clients we help formulate business strategy (and technology strategy) which is fully aligned with commercial ambitions and business goals. We also offer an “outside in” approach to review existing strategies and business plans to identify potential barriers and additional opportunities.

Organisational Design and Operating Model

Working in lock step with the executive/senior leadership team to ensure long term sustainability and ownership, we can propose, design and embed the most effective organisational design and operating model to deliver business success. Following an initial diagnostic exercise, we apply our experience of working with different types of companies to select, adapt, and embed a best in class operating model for your company.

We also help companies move to more agile ways of working, specifically in relation to product development. Again, we can identify, customise and implement industry best practice to increase the effectiveness development teams, whilst improving overall delivery, commercial alignment and customer intimacy.

Programme Rescue

Projects and especially complex programmes, can easily lose their way and get into difficulties. It’s very easy for seemingly simple tasks to become over complicated especially when multiple stakeholders from different departments are involved. Decision making becomes complicated, often leading to confusion and divergence from the original programme purpose, and the programme starts to consume resources and lose momentum. We have witnessed this many times before and using our external expertise to provide an ‘outside in’ perspective, we can help identify and remove potential blockers, assist the team to execute a recovery plan, and get the programme back on track.

Technology Services

Making the wrong technology choices can have costly if not catastrophic consequences. To help validate your technology investments, from a single system to a complex enterprise platform, we offer a technical ‘deep dive’ review service. Our extensive knowledge and experience of enterprise applications, cloud computing, mobile development, and the evolution of emergent technologies allows us to advise on the most appropriate technology investments to run your businesses effectively.

We also use our knowledge in this area to help clients with technical due diligence reviews of potential acquisitions and build, buy or partner decisions.

Business Development

Working with commercial teams we provide business domain expertise and advisory services around ERP, HCM and FINTECH sectors. We also provide hands on advisory services on product management and product ownership, roadmap management, pricing models, product naming, product positioning, and customer engagement.

Non Executive Director

Stuart is a Non Executive Director of Newcastle Building society and Newcastle Strategic Solutions and would be interested to help other companies in a similar capacity.

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