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Cybersecurity whose accountability is it anyway?

image1Today we live in a world with exponential growth in connected devices, in part driven by the sheer size of the population using online services and in part by the proliferation of devices used per individual as a byproduct of the likes of IoT (Internet of Things)

The ability to reliably connect and issues around bandwidth seem to be challenges of the past. However, as we can witness in the press every day, the need to secure the internet and the data that flows across is now by far the biggest challenge.  More needs to be done, not just in terms of technology, but also in relation to personal awareness and accountability.

Whilst not wanting to whip up mass panic and paranoia, users of the internet should assume that ‘some’ of their data is being shared today, not maliciously by those companies highlighted in the graphic above, but inadvertantly by the users themselves who readily and openly share personal data across social media etc. I’m not suggesting that everyone stops using social media, but everyone needs to be more vigilant with what they share and how it might be used today and in the future.

More education and specialist skills are required to make the internet a safer place and I applaud universities like Sunderland who are majoring on Cyber Security and offering a Cybersecurity MSc in their Computer Science Faculty.

The simple answer to the question in the title is … cybersecurity is everyones accountability.

Disclosure: Stuart Lynn is a Visiting Professor at Sunderland University



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