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Highly effective execution is a team sport and culture is the key ingredient.

An excellent article from Marcel Schwantes on the 6 Things Bad Bosses Always Fear (but Great Leaders Always Do) which I completely agree with and I’d summarise as “Highly effective execution is a team sport and culture is the key ingredient.” Peter Drucker famously said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The quote was actually attributed […]

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For almost two decades, until retiring recently from corporate life, I worked for Sage Group where I held the position of Chief Product & Delivery Officer. You will all have heard of Sage. Three million customers across 27 countries, 13,000 employees, and a FTSE100 Tech Company with its spiritual home in Newcastle upon Tyne. Also, […]

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Newcastle Scale-up Summit – my takeaways      

I took the opportunity to attend the Newcastle Scale-up Summit recently and apart from being a fantastic networking event I found it highly informative and energising. Having worked with hundreds of start-up and scale-up businesses for many years I love hearing the stories of their success, and I’m intrigued to discover what makes some businesses […]

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A definition of Altruism

I’m attending a Dynamo North East board meeting at Newcastle College. Due to work and travel commitments, it’s the first board meeting I could attend for a while. The Dynamo board meeting is very rare blend of around 20 professionals from public sector organisations, professionals from the education sector, business owners, and professionals from many […]

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‪Who would have thought that one day we would talk about how nice a phone felt to hold … I’ve always thought #apple excelled at ergonomic design and build quality (which was copied by many) and the iPhoneX is no exception … if not a wee bit on the pricey side.  

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Why the Tyne, Wear and Tees region should be the Silicon Valley(s) of the UK.

It’s a bold statement to make, but what would have to happen to make this a reality? To answer the question its worth looking back to understand how ‘the other’ Silicon Valley came to be. The majority of the world’s top technology companies didn’t just happen to find themselves in Silicon Valley by chance, and […]

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Why “why” is the most important question every business should ask themselves!

Why “why” is the most important question every business should ask themselves! If you have 20mins grab a coffee and watch this excellent TED talk.

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I Love Agile

A month or so ago someone told me that they wanted to introduce Agile development but they had heard that I didn’t like Agile. I have to say that I was shocked by this as it isn’t true, I love Agile. I love Agile for its flexibility, I love Agile as it brings the customer […]


You need to hire for Innovation

Originally posted on Stuart Lynn Consulting:
Innovation is a topic very close to my heart and a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an excellent workshop delivered by Dr Anne Stevens the VP of Design at Kone elevators. The session was hugely insightful and very educational… and whilst I’m not going to…

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Global technology company supporting the North East technology revolution

This is a copy of a great article that one of my guys had published today. Sage, the only FTSE 100 technology company is now 32 years old, and with over six million customers is the third largest business software company worldwide. In 1981 it was just another North East tech start-up with a feverish ambition to […]