Amazon = Amazing Customer Experience

I’ve not posted for a while but I feel the need to blog tonight about the most fantastic service I experienced lately from Amazon.

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog you’ll know that I’ve previously raved about the Amazon Kindle. It’s a fantastic device and I have to say that it’s been used daily since the day I got it. Well sadly on Saturday gone it gave up the ghost, the screen was showing corruption and despite trying the reset instructions it was kaput.

So, I googled the problem and came across a URL for Amazon support. I logged in with my normal Amazon credentials and was presented with a support page with a button saying something like “press here if you would like someone to call you back.” Well the next bit was amazing, I pressed the button and my phone rang immediately, I mean within milliseconds.

Upon being greeted by an agent who was knowledgeable about the Kindle, as opposed to someone who merely logged my call and put me on hold for someone else, we went through the details of my problem.

When it was apparent that the device was faulty I was transferred to another department to sort out a replacement. Again this was instant, no being put on hold etc.

A few more details were taken about the source of the device etc, which happened to be a gift, but at no time did I think my integrity was being challenged.

Anyway the upshot was that two days later my replacement Kindle arrived free of charge, and Amazon have covered all costs to have the faulty one collected.

Now that’s an extraordinary customer experience… will I be shopping with Amazon again?

You bet I will…

Exceeding expectations, The Amazon Kindle – I like it…

I’ve been an iPad supporter for some time now and just this week acquired a Kindle for the first time. Taking it out of the packaging I was surprised to find it was fully charged and ready to use. It’s fair to say I can’t remember ever getting an electronic device that has come ready to run, great start.

Connecting it to the network was very easy, in fact I was in proximity of an open wireless connection and it took less than a couple of seconds. So, I’m switched on and connected, the screen looks excellent, black and white yes, but good contrast and very easy to read.

All, good so far, but having a rummage around the options I’m finding it hard work… I’m so used to the touch screen of the iPad, I keep forgetting I have the use the keyboard and buttons to navigate. Anyway, I persist and after a little while I get the hang of it, so it’s time to get hold of a book.

Actually, I already have purchased some books as I’ve been using Kindle for the iPad and what happens next is very cool. When I open the book on the Kindle, it takes me to the place in the book that I’m up to on the iPad… now that’s very clever, a big well done to the designers.

Next time I pick it up I discover the Experimental options under the main menu. Here I find a web browser, which is good enough to use for basic browsing and I’ve used it to access my webmail. Like the iPad though it doesn’t support flash. Also, It’s a bit restrictive viewing web pages in portrait mode and whilst you can change the orientation to be landscape it doesn’t really work as the keyboard is then in the wrong place, but hey… It’s a freebie; I didn’t even know the Kindle had a web browser.  

In summary, I like it… it does what it says on the tin plus some unexpected surprises. What’s more it’s less than half the size and weighs a fraction of the iPad. If I want a device to take with me on holiday to read books then the Kindle would win hands down.

I wonder how good it is a squishing mosquitoes?